I know things have been radio silent around here and that's because I've been spending all my free time working on Go Blog Social. Are you planning to attend? The 2014 conference will take place at the beautiful Berg Event Space, April 4 - 5, in Kansas City. I can't wait to see a few familiar faces there! The last conference offered myself and our attendees a unique opportunity to meet and build relationships and business partnerships with inspiring bloggers from across the country.

So, what is Go Blog Social? Go Blog Social was born by bloggers, for bloggers with the aspiration of bringing together women and men passionate about the world of social networking. Designed to inform, educate and inspire, Go Blog Social brings together bloggers, social media experts and small to large businesses together for a two-day event.

The conference is a social destination to meet online friends in-person, connect with businesses, learn about the social industry and gain the tools to grow. Whether you’re just starting out or are a blog veteran, interested in building your brand or a business, Go Blog Social offers the information, advice and expertise to help you do just that. The event is open to bloggers of all interests - from food, fashion, family and lifestyle. 

Make sure to stay tuned for speaker announcements and Follow along for the latest updates on our social media outlets: FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram! For tickets, visit goblogsocial.com.

Hope to see you there!



It's true what they say: time flies when your'e in love! To think I got engaged over 7 months ago doesn't seem possible. I still have the same excitement as the day it happened. I still look down at my left hand to make sure the ring is still there. I get giddy anytime we check something off our wedding to-do list. I guess that's what it's all about though, right? With the holiday + New Year bringing so many engagements {Congratulations!} I wanted to share a few of my tips - or rules - on being engaged. 

{Note: I am by no means a wedding professional, but just a girl that is attempting to plan her wedding with the love of her life. I am doing so without the guidance of a hired wedding consultant and am on a budget - as we are chipping in a large portion of the costs! So, these tips are more things I've learned on this journey - take 'em or leave it.} 

Stop. Pinning. Start Doing. I wish I had learned this one earlier on. Chances are you already have a Pinterest account. And if you are a girl that plans to get married someday, of course you have a Pinterest board filled with tons and tons of wedding inspiration. Am I right? My point being, thanks to this incredible addicting tool, you may already have a feel for what you want or your idea of the perfect wedding. However, it's not just about you. I started pinning away franticly when we got engaged when I should have focused my energy on discussing what we wanted our day to look and feel like together. Once I got the hint that my guy actually wanted to provide input on this, we started talking through our ideas and building our own vision of the day as a team. 

On another note: Pinterest can get very distracting. Instead of getting overwhelmed by all the amazing wedding images out there, focus on a to-do list and add deadlines for you to meet. I now only turn to Pinterest for specific wedding needs {i.e. bridesmaid gift ideas, hairstyles, etc.} and only pin items to a 'hidden board' that allows me to edit, edit, edit and stick to my exact theme. 

Enjoy The Journey. At your Own Pace. The hardest part of planning the wedding was deciding on the date. After getting engaged, we made a mutual decision to slow down and enjoy the moment. No big plans were made until two months after. This allowed us to host a fun engagement party, celebrate with just the two of us over date nights and share this special time with family and friends. There wasn't any feeling of being rushed or overwhelmed, as we didn't jump right into planning. And looking back now, I truly am so happy we took the time to just enjoy being engaged. 

Once the date was set, we realized that it would be a long engagement {15 months to be exact}. Many of our friends were getting engaged and married within a year or even less! However, with no big reason to tie the knot so quickly, we ended up picking a date in a season that we absolutely love and at our favorite venue. Ultimately, it's important to decide which is more important the date vs. the venue.

Worry Less. Make it Fun. Once you dive into planning, it's easy to get overwhelmed. From the more serious discussions on the budget to collecting addresses in order to send Save the Dates. Every decision seems like a "big one" when it comes to planning your wedding. This is something that would stress me out to no limit, as I felt that need for everything to be absolutely perfect. However, if you focus too much on trying to make it just so, you lose the fun of it. 

To stress less, I have relied on a few things: my fiance for support and to talk me through it all, my bridesmaids and family for their assistance and by hiring amazing vendors who ensured my vision would come to life regardless of how things played out. This is most important when it comes to the photographer/videographer, florist and venue coordinator. If all else fails, wedding planning is always complimented best with a glass of champagne! Cheers.

Any other things I missed that you want to know about being engaged or the wedding planning process?
 I'd be happy to share my thoughts + advice. 



I know I am a bit behind on my November highlights, but the past few days have been all playing catching up after the Thanksgiving holiday. This past month was pretty great. We kicked things off by taking our fall engagement photos - and I couldn't be happier with the results! Work was kind of hectic with last-minute 2014 planning, while I also wrapped up the Kids with Crayons program classes and fundraiser event through The Arts Asylum. Our home also got a bit of an upgrade with our monthly project being built-in bookshelves and window seat, which are finally complete. I somehow managed to get through four Thanksgiving celebrations and when not spending time with friends & family, worked on a few holiday D.I.Y projects and decorations. 

I am in complete disbelief that 2013 is almost over. I still have a few things on my to do list before we start the new year. 

Hope everyone has a great holiday season!



beauty gifts
Time for a beauty-filled Holiday Gift Guide for all the product junkies in your life! I know I absolutely LOVE giving and receiving pretty beauty items each year and there are some amazing sets in-stores right now. Not only are these beauty sets stylish, but they can easily be split up for multiple small stocking stuffers or combined to make a fun present for someone special. Check out my picks from luxe lippies to perfect palettes that are ideal for anyone on your list this season!