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 Lately I can't help but daydream about decorating. With just around two weeks until my big move, I have been collecting beautiful and inspiring images of chic apartment décor that I hope to re-create in my own darling Plaza apartment. Here are a few pieces of interior inspiration:

1. I have always been drawn to a living space that combines timeless vintage pieces with a sharp modern edge. To re-create this chic living room set-up, I'm combining antique store finds, D.I.Y pieces and a few store bought purchases. Sticking with a white-on-white theme, litte touches of color with bold photograph frames, lighting and flowers will add an eclectic vibe to the setting.

2. I love finding new D.I.Y projects (mostly via Pinterest). A hint of sequins adds a bright and lively auroa. I can't wait to adorn my dining room table with similar flower decorations.

3. Hello, lover. A closet is hands-down a girl's best friend. Luckily, my soon-to-be-abode has a lovely white French-style closet. I love the extra touch the framed shopping bags add to the ambiance.

4. Tea sets define chic. Dainty, oftentimes floral and decorated with intricate detail, I instantly fell in love with the idea of using tea cups as a way to organize my sparkly baubles, pearls, and earrings. (The gold ornate mirror and white flowers are an added bonus!)

Here's hoping that my new place will end up just as lovely.

xoxo kathrynelise


an introduction.

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Bon jour!...Although I am hardly new to the blogosphere, it's time to start fresh with a clean slate, hence the new blog. With several major changes in my life that range from love to a budding career, I have finally realized it is time to start something for myself. Here is a taste of what is to come:

1. Fashion: Although I dreamed of moving back to the big apple after my college graduation this past May, I have found myself living in the charming place I call home - Kansas City. With a new job in the PR industry, I have found myself running from client meetings to events with little time to attend to my personal life. Although I cannot forgo the demands of working in this fast-paced career (which I love), I still need to find time to express my own opinions and inspiration on fashion, news, and other ramblings.

2. Photography: I used to have a strong passion for photography. I remember digging through my father's collection of vintage SLR cameras that were stored away in the dust of our basement. I want to start using my beautiful NikonD50 again and am hoping to find renewed motivation. Any other photos I use are often pulled from various sites and will be attributed.

3. Interiors & Decor: I have found my dream apartment (which will soon become reality) that is nestled into the lovely vintage buildings that line the Country Club Plaza (see the skyline shown in the first photo.) The all white apartment will soon be decorated and crafted into my own little space. I hope to share this process as it goes.

4. Thoughts: Writing is a part of my everyday. I am constantly working on deadlines, planning social media calendars and strategizing through words with my clients. I want to do this for myself.

This is my chic-ography. xoxokathrynelise