August is officially here, which means the summer is nearing it's end. Although hard to believe that the season is nearly over {especially with the heat wave} I have a firm style rule that I like to stick to: After August, only invest in fall pieces.

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Instead of skimming the sale racks this month, I plan on investing on key fall pieces that can be worn now and will start to build on my wardrobe for the colder seasons. With that being said, it's often hard to make the transition into fall with a closet filled with spring/summer pieces. Here are a few pieces from your current wardrobe that can be worn now with new fall fashions:

Spring/Summer Favorites 
{what you already have in your closet}
Maxi Skirt: Pair your favorite maxi skirt with a light knit sweater for a flattering fall forward look.
Neutral Blazer: Always a classic piece, pair a neutral blazer with dark seperates for fall.
White Pencil Skirt: Transition a white skirt to fall with a long sleeve blouse in a warm hue. 
Pastel Pieces: From your favorite pastel denim to accessories, layer for an instant fall style.

NEW Fall Fashions 
{pieces you recently bought or plan to buy}
Sequin Sweater: I love this J.Crew style.
Patterned Blouse: Anything by Equipment is ideal.
Light Knits: Neutral knits can be worn year-round.
Leather Handbag: I recently bought one from Marc Jacobs.

So, what fall trends are you on the hunt for?


  1. As a college student still, I don't really have the luxury of buying a bunch of spring or fall pieces each year, so it's really important for me to invest in pieces that can work year-round. Neutral knits are definitely a win-win, and I'll be looking for a neutral blazer to top off all sorts of looks!
    Your blog is gorgeous! I'm glad you have it up and running again :)


    1. Thanks, Jacy! You are too sweet. I remember those days all too well. And even though I've been out of school for almost two years now, I also like to invest in pieces that I know will last. I've learned that buying quality merchandise in timeless looks are always the better investment! I wish I had time to take daily outfit photos - your outfit posts are always amazing!

      - Kat xo

    2. Thank you so much ~ such a wonderful compliment coming from you! I hope you get to do more outfit/personal style posts in the future because you have such chic, put-together style, which is incredibly refreshing to see in Missouri!


  2. Got that sequin sweater. Absolutely can't wait til it's no longer 90 degrees out and I can wear it finally!

    1. Emily - I'm so jealous and have been eyeing it since the J.Crew catalog came out. Definitely want it, but hoping it goes on sale at some point!


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