No, I did not fall off the face of the earth. Yes, I haven't had time to post since August.
And the only thing I can blame is: fashion week

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Although I did not make it to New York City this year for the shows, I was caught up in my own week of fashion events and runway shows in Kansas City. If you aren't from Kansas City, you likely didn't know that we also host {a smaller} version of fashion week with local and national emerging designers, boutiques and students. As the second year, I was involved as the direcor of a national retailer's runway show during the event, the backstage PR lady for local designer, House of Cochon, and attended events as a blogger. On top of it all, I fit in a full work week, meetings, evening events, and made room for the lovely and sweet Samantha of The Brunette One, as she crashed at my place to also cover Kansas City Fashion Week. Let's just say: last week was busy, busy, busy.

As for NYFW, I've been following the livestreams of the shows, skimming tweets, Instagrams, Tumblr's and every other form of sharing this week. Next year, my goal is to squeeze in a bit of time to attend, at least a few shows. 

So, expect a few upcoming posts this week with more on my personal coverage of fashion week with a mix of my favorite shows from Kansas City to New York City. 



  1. it was such a fun week!! :) great hanging out with you!

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. Thanks, Sandy! Loved getting to chat with you and hope to see you again soon! xo


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