From fashion events and runway shows at Kansas City Fashion Week to evenings spent house hunting, September has been a busy and exciting month. Here are a few snapshots from my favorite happenings. 
Treating myself to afternoon macarons & chai tea during a busy work day of event planning. 
Transitioning to fall in my favorite trench {a gift from an employer in New York} and go-to scarf. 
The excitement of seeing myself featured in a local magazine as a 'hair model.' 
Switching out my pastel polish for hues with a deeper shade to match the season. 
Stocking up on breezy blouses that are both polished and versatile for everyday occasions.
Taking the time to walk around the city, and enjoying the views of the Country Club Plaza.
Making a day trip to the pumpkin patch with the boy, which turned out to be the best date yet.
Ringing in the new month with homemade apple cider from the mill.

Although September is over, I have a feeling that October will be even better. I have a few exciting blog features and big announcements coming up. Stay tuned! 


  1. What's that cute breezy blouse?? Darling!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! It was a gift from a friend. The brand is MINE. Loving blouses lately.

  3. Adorable pictures! So glad fall is here! Newest follower!



    1. Thanks for following, Katherine! Fall is by far my favorite season. xo Kat


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