Lately, I've been more cautious about spur-of-the-moment shopping trips. Perhaps it's a sign of growing up or a realization that I need to be more financially responsible? Regardless, I've noticed that those impulse purchases often find a place tucked away in the back of my closet. Instead of buying things just to buy, I've decided to set a rule for myself that each piece must pair perfectly with at least three other items already in my closet. 
Let's call it - the rule of thirds. 

Thus, welcoming a new blog series: Perfect Pairs.

Thick Knit Cardigan - Gap // Polka Dot Sequin Sweater - J.Crew 
Knit Snood - Old Navy // Faux Fur Snood - Michael Kors 
Tweed Peplum Jacket - Tibi // Tweed Jacket - {similar}  
Leopard Skimmers - Madewell // Leopard Pumps - J.Crew

Do you set guidelines for your shopping habits? 


  1. i used to be very frivolous about my shopping. then i realized that i was either buying cheapies that came apart, too-trendy stuff that wouldnt last another season or too many boring basics...like 9 black shirts. i now make myself invest in staples that never go out of style, trend pieces that arent too loud (like maroon shoes or neon accessories) and i aim to never pay full price! hello, gilt + vintage. :)

    1. I definitely need to start shopping more vintage! And you are so right - I'd rather have a smaller closet filled with quality pieces vs. an overflowing closet filled with less quality pieces. xo Kat


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