Taking time to relax, well that is a rarity lately. This holiday weekend, I am packing my bags and headed out of the city for a relaxing getaway. 
Our plan is to drive to the boy's family lodge  in the country for a night and then to make a pit stop at our college town for the first football game of the season {Missouri vs. Southeastern Louisiana} and to end the weekend with two days at the lake. I'll likely be tuned out of all things work, blogging and social media for the next upcoming days and couldn't be more excited to spend time with my favorite people and to take in the scenery.

Here is my ideal packing list for a long weekend getaway:

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BIG news! The boy and I are currently house hunting with a plan to find our perfect place by December. 

Yes, it is both incredibly overwhelming and exciting, but I'm ready to make this big move {no pun intended} in my life and relationship. Plus, I would be lying if I said I wasn't overjoyed to leave my teeny, tiny studio apartment for something a bit more spacious. And with this decision, like every major decision in life, comes a hurdle to overcome. The issue? Creating a home together that combines both of our unique personalities and tastes that will be reflected throughout the overall home design and decor. 

Although opposites may attract in relationships {and believe me, we are the exact example of this rule} I'm not quite sure if this also pertains to building a home. Let's face it, our tastes are completely different. His ideal home is cozy, casual and filled with rustic, wooden furniture, animal-figurines and classic decor in shades inspired by nature. As for myself, I lean toward an all-white canvas filled with sleek furniture, chic artwork with hints of gold, black and pink. 

So, how in the heck will we combine the two into one home? The answer is still unclear. But, as we are in the early stages of this process, I'm thinking compromise and a little creativity is going to be key. Starting with the living room, here are a few homes I'm taking inspiration from:

(image 1, 2, 3, 4)

Based on my research and a lot of time spent on Pinterest, here is my first mood board for a "Rustic Chic" living room that combines our polar opposite design tastes into one space.

Please tell, do you have any advice on decorating a home with a boy?



The month of August seems like a blur.

From balancing work duties, evening events and spending time with friends, family and the boy, I can't believe the last full month of summer is nearing it's end. Here are my favorite snap shots from the past few weeks. For more, follow me on Instagram at @kathryn_elise.

1. Making time for {several} Happy Hour dates with the boy. Catching up over his recent travel stories with good food and drinks. Making an effort to 'unplug' from office obligations.
2. Letting go of my strict eating habits to enjoy a few extra sweets. The Milk & Honey macarons from The Roasterie Cafe are my favorite of the moment. 
3. Planning my fall wardrobe and taking time to flip through the September fashion issues and clothing catalogues. Lusting over the entire Michael Kors collection.
4. Attending several client events and a few just for fun with good company.


CHIC STYLE: Olivia Palermo

Remember that one time MTV aired a show about ridiculously a group of chic {and rich} girls living in New York City? Okay, I'll admit that I may or may not have watched the entire season of The City just to catch the amazing outfits by one particular character: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo defines everyday chic. She is always dressed with impeccable style and has a knack for incorporating key trends, while looking effortless and polished. I mean, how could you not dream of her wardrobe? I, of course do. Which is exactly why Olivia Palermo is my current 'everyday chic' style icon and muse for compiling a fresh fall wardrobe. Here is a look at how I plan to upgrade my style for fall, based on a few of my favorite fall outfits worn by Olivia P.

The "New" All Black Ensemble
As a PR girl, it goes without saying that black is the unofficial uniform of the industry, especially in the fall/winter seasons. As much as I love a LBD {and trust me, I have several} it's also important stay stylish when wearing black - whether in the office or running errands.  

I love how Olivia P. transforms the look of the LBD with a black drop waist dress and boyfriend blazer. Pointed heels and a few simple gold bracelets complete the look, and keep it chic for a day of client meetings. For a casual Friday, I plan to mimic Olivia's casual all black ensemble with black jeans {leather skinnies may be too much for the office} paired back to several sleek black layers. Simple flats in a bold color add a nice touch and keep the look casual, yet pulled together. 

The Layered Look
One of my favorite things about fall is having the flexibility to layer. Of course, Olivia P. masters the look of layering for all occasions. The fur vest has been and continues to be an ideal layering piece. Paired with knits, basic blouses and even blazers. For a day spent in the office, I love the idea of layering a bold knit sweater back to cigarette pants and adding extra warmth with an over-sized fur vest. 

The jacket is also an important piece for fall. And I plan to invest in a few new Chanel-inspired tweed jackets that can be worn in the office with a sleek skirt or paired back to denim. I like how Olivia combines her chic tweed jacket and over-sized fur vest for a sophisticated spin on fall outerwear. 

The Black and Cream
Black and white combinations were seen all over the Fall 2012 runway. As much as I love the classic color combination, I often lean more towards combining black and soft cream hues together. There is just something about pairing black and cream that always seems clean and chic. 

For a day spent with corporate clients that favor a more conservative look, I plan to re-create Olivia's look with a soft black leather pencil skirt, classic cream blouse and black fur vest paired back to pump and a complimentary handbag. And for days spent running errands, an all black ensemble with a statement jacket in cream is comfortable and chic. From season-to-season, this color combination will never go out of style.

The Printed Pant
Alas, the printed pant. This trend is set to continue through the fall season. As I'm majorly behind on investing in a pair, I think it just may be time. Olivia P. masters the bold look of the printed pant and combines it with classic fall pieces. 

I'm a firm believer that you should always wear one statement piece and let it shine on it's own. Olivia P. seems to agree, as she pairs her floral printed pant with a classic jacket and basic blouse to stand out. However, the printed pant on printed pointed pump is one loud combination I think I could try. How can you not love a leopard and floral print mash-up?

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DESIGNER Q&A: Jené Despain

I've said it once and I'll say it again: I love jewelry. It's kind of my thing. 
And when I had the opportunity to interview New York City jewelry designer Jené Despain, I was thrilled for a chance to learn more about the industry and what it takes to grow a successful business. 


1. What inspired you to start Jene Despain Jewelry?
My path to jewelry was completely unexpected. I moved to NYC from Portland, OR. at a very young age to originally pursue photography. Growing up in an artistic family, my creative interests were strongly encouraged by my parents. It was my father who introduced me to photography, upon which, I quickly became transfixed by the work of Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin, Diane Arbus, and Sally Mann. These women exposed me to unknown worlds, and I knew I wanted to move to NYC to follow in their footsteps. After years of working in New York's fashion photography scene, a friend taught me how to wire wrap gemstones over dinner at her place one evening, and I was hooked. Although I had never considered design prior, I immediately saw jewelry was endlessly creative and challenging. I began making pieces, and my fashion maven friends insisted I start my own line of jewelry. In 2010, I launched my first official collection, The Roaring 10's, and I have been completely immersed in Jené DeSpain jewelry since that big step.

2. Where do you often find jewelry design inspiration?
NYC. She is my greatest muse.

3. What's your current favorite Jene DeSpain Jewelry piece?
It's always challenging to choose a favorite...  I love the Rockefeller Necklace from The Roaring 10's collection, and I am always wearing the Brass & Leather Breastplate necklace from Black Honey. The knucklebusters from theBlack Honey collection are also constant staples in my ring rotation. 

4. What is your favorite part about being a jewelry designer?
One of my original desires in transferring into jewelry design was my hope to expand my ability to bring happiness into people's lives. I wanted to be a tiny part of how a multitude of women experienced joy. On a personal level, I wanted to interact with a diverse cross-blend of people within the fashion industry in a way that felt meaningful. I've been able to accomplish this goal in so many more ways than I could have ever imagined. I work with an ever-expanding group of editors, boutique owners, bloggers, stylists, designers, models, and many more people who bring an enriching sense of community to my life that I am grateful for daily. 

On a broader level, making jewelry allows me to experience being a tiny part of people's happiness every time a piece of my jewelry leaves my studio. It's very special for me to wonder about where my jewelry travels to and who discovers it and makes it her own. Jewelry is sentimental. We buy it for ourselves and to give to the people we love, often on a special occasion. We buy jewelry to celebrate the big steps in our lives; our sweet 16, graduation, landing that big job, our commitment to the love of our lives, the birth of a child. I hope there are many women who experienced joy the first time they discovered my jewelry and every time they wear it. It's pretty cool to think upon leaving my studio, every piece of my jewelry is out traveling the world somewhere with its own story to tell.

5. What is your advice for achieving an 'everyday chic' style? 
Take risks. Allow accessories to enhance and diversify your wardrobe by mixing in pieces that feel bold and unusual. Jewelry is an easy, affordable way to play with "personal style" while holding onto your everyday chic.

6. Any advice for aspiring jewelry designers?
Work as an intern! If I could go back and do it all over again, I would have interned. I entered the world of fashion with a big leap into jewelry, having zero experience in design or in business. As much as it's been an amazing road of struggle and discovery to do this on my own, I really wish I had interned with other designers. Interning is a great way to learn industry details, while making connections with a variety of people.

Jene Despain Jewelry Discount: 
As a special gift, Jene Despain has offered an exclusive discount to Everyday Chic's readers.
If you like my top picks, enjoy 30% off at check with the code: CHICSTYLE30. 
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For more on designer Jene Despain and her jewelry, visit her website.
Also be sure to check out the FacebookTwitterTumblr and Instagram for a daily dose of gorgeous jewelry.



Lately, I've had a major obsession with mint + red. 

And when I came across this red peplum dress at Standard Style, I couldn't resist. As someone who needs versatile pieces that can easily transition from the office to an event, this lightweight number does just that - and more. For the daytime, I paired the dress back to my go-to metallic wedge sandals, classic Marc Jacobs handbag and trusty mint necklace.

What color combinations can you not get enough of lately?



Temperatures are finally cooling down and the only thing on my mind is: fall fashions.
Of all the seasons, fall has always been my favorite. Here is my list of key fall pieces I have on my list to pick up to kick off the season:

Grey Peplum Top - Topshop // Leather Pencil Skirt - All Saints // Black Suede Booties - Isabel Marant // Sequin Knit - J.Crew // Mini MAC - Rebecca Minkoff // Rose Gold Necklace - Bauble Bar // Light-wash Chambray - Madewell // Black Studs - Kate Spade NY // Tortoise Bracelet Watch - Michael Kors // Infinity Scarf - Barney's NY



Although most days I spend 8-hours or more in my PR office, I've realized it's time to create my own workspace at home. Although working from the couch can be cozy, I feel that I'm most productive when in a creative and organized environment.

From the desk to the mood boards and bits of decor, here are the offices I've found to be particularly inspiring in order to create my own work space. 

The Overall Arrangement
(image 1, 2)

Living in a small-sized apartment, space is limited for my future at-home office. However, with the perfect desk and a little wall space, it's easy to create an office nook that is stylish and functional. 

I love the idea of a white desk as a clean and chic office centerpiece. As much as I love the sleek desk styles from West Elm and Crate and Barrel, I'm on the hunt for an antique piece or desk with potential for a makeover. I'm positive a little paint, polish and love will do wonders.

The Inspiration Board
(image 1, 2)

Almost as important as the desk is the inspiration or "mood board." As a person that works in the creative industry of PR by day and blogging by night, I like the idea of being surrounding by visually inspiring and appealing images as I work. 

I've been researching mood board D.I.Y projects and have found that a little cork board, ribbon and pins will do the trick. For added style, I plan to fit my custom mood board to an ornate antique frame. 

The Finishing Touches
(image 1, 2)

An organized and clean office space is key for productivity. I like the idea of surrounding the desk with a book shelf and side tables filled with stylish books, candles and other bits of decor. A lucite glass of bright nail polishes and single designer high heel may not be necessary to a working office, but certainly add a hint of creativity and style. 

Do you have an at-home office? If so, where did you find your inspiration?


CURRENTLY CRAVING: Jene Despain Jewelry

I'm going through a major necklace faze at the moment. From bold statement pieces to delicate everyday chains, I just can't get enough. And there is nothing better than finding necklaces that are versatile enough to wear from day-to-night.

As a former New York City resident {during my early PR days} I've always had a love for all things that represent the city. Upon being introduced to new-to-me deisgner, Jene Despain, I knew that I had to share her incredible pieces. 

What makes every piece from Jene Despain's jewelry collection so unique is that they each represent a bit of New York City. And if you look really closely, it will become a bit more ovious on the famous landmarks and city staples that clearly inspires each collection. A few of my favorite picks from Jene Despain Jewelry are:

1. Spikes and Leather Necklace - Although this is one of the few pieces not directly inspired by a particular New York City landmark, this necklace {to me} truly captures the city when it comes to style. Powerful and brilliant, the spikes + leather combination brings together two key styles that never go out of fashion. Wear it with an equally bold blouse for a standout look. 

2. Rockefeller Collor with Amethyst Swarovski - As one of the most prestigious complexes on Manhattan Island, there is no mistaking the Rockefeller Center. I remember walking past this bulding in awe during my first weeks living in the city. And I feel the same way about this necklace, which truly encompasses the building's power and beauty. For a bold look, pair this necklace from the Roaring 10's Collection with a peplum top to make a statement. 

3. Barclay Necklace - Based on the design of the iconic Barclay-Vesey builidng {a.k.a the first art-deco skyscraper in New York City}, this necklace from the Roaring 10's Collection mixes large and small chains for a tough, yet sophisticated look. Perfect for accesorizing a simple t-shirt or dressing up a cocktail dress. 

4. Astoria Necklace with Oynx - Inspired by the infamous Manhattan landmark, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, this delicate necklace is part of the Roaring 10's Collection. Besides being inspired by my favorite landmark in the city, I love how simple and chic this necklace is with the hint of oynx stones. How perfect is this for an everyday look layered with other delicate pieces?

Jene Despain Jewelry Discount: 
As a special gift, Jene Despain has offered an exclusive discount to Everyday Chic's readers.
If you like my top picks, enjoy 30% off at check with the code: CHICSTYLE30. 
For other jewels you may set your eyes on, take 15% off with code: LOVEJDS

For more on Jene Despain Jewelry, check out the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram for a daily dose of gorgeous jewelry.

So, what are your favorite pieces?



(via Fabulous K

Thought I would share a lovely image I found on Pinterest - of course!
It's nice sometimes to be remember to take a breath, let go of negative energy and to set a positive example, even when it's most difficult. Cheers to a wonderful {and chic} week!



I'm all about timeless fashions and investing in pieces that won't fade with the season. 
Lately, I've been lusting over all things neutral. From shades of nude to blush pink, the muted look of neutral shades are always classic. 

Although neutrals are my current obsession, these neutral pieces are guaranteed to become a wardrobe staple and will make a chic impression for seasons to come.

Knit Sweater - Madewell // Blush Heels - Armani Exchange // Peplum Top - Topshop // Gemstone Bracelet -  Similar // Bib Necklace - Moda Operandi // Bracelet - Kate Spade NY // Blush Watch - Kate Spade NY // Cream Flats - ASOS // Silk Blouse - Equipment //



August is officially here, which means the summer is nearing it's end. Although hard to believe that the season is nearly over {especially with the heat wave} I have a firm style rule that I like to stick to: After August, only invest in fall pieces.

{images 1, 2, 3, 4}

Instead of skimming the sale racks this month, I plan on investing on key fall pieces that can be worn now and will start to build on my wardrobe for the colder seasons. With that being said, it's often hard to make the transition into fall with a closet filled with spring/summer pieces. Here are a few pieces from your current wardrobe that can be worn now with new fall fashions:

Spring/Summer Favorites 
{what you already have in your closet}
Maxi Skirt: Pair your favorite maxi skirt with a light knit sweater for a flattering fall forward look.
Neutral Blazer: Always a classic piece, pair a neutral blazer with dark seperates for fall.
White Pencil Skirt: Transition a white skirt to fall with a long sleeve blouse in a warm hue. 
Pastel Pieces: From your favorite pastel denim to accessories, layer for an instant fall style.

NEW Fall Fashions 
{pieces you recently bought or plan to buy}
Sequin Sweater: I love this J.Crew style.
Patterned Blouse: Anything by Equipment is ideal.
Light Knits: Neutral knits can be worn year-round.
Leather Handbag: I recently bought one from Marc Jacobs.

So, what fall trends are you on the hunt for?