As a beauty publicist by day, I'm constantly thinking/looking/talking about all things beauty. My biggest dilemma when it comes to beauty is that I love the routine of it. I'm definitely the girl that takes too long to get ready. And it's not beause I'm vain or have a million things to conceal but, because I truly enjoy the process. There really is no better feeling than a warm bubble bath, followed by an at-home mani/pedi and perhaps a face mask to start the day. The reality is, I don't have time to "get ready" very often. I'm always in a rush and on-the-go, just like the rest of us. So, here are a few quick beauty tips to look polished, even while on a tight timeframe.

1. Combine bold color + simple style: So, you hit snooze? Whatever you do, do not try out a new hairstyle or makeup trick that you may or may not have found on Pinterest the night before. Chances are, it won't turn out on the first try and you will have the rest of the day to dred that decision. To avoid bad beauty days, keep it simple. A topknot bun or sleek pony tail always do the trick. Pair it with a dash of bright lipstick and out-the-door you go!

2. Stick to one color: No time to think about coordinating anything other than your outfit? Stick to one color when it comes to your makeup. Keep everything else neutral. And I always recommend red. A classic red nail and lip look pulled together in that I-did-not-try-too-hard kind of way. 

3. Take your products to-go: I know. This is so, so obvious. But, I swear I've fallen victim to this rule so many times before! As a rule of thumb, I always have the nail polish and lip color I'm currently wearing, along with a compact for quick touch-ups. Because you never want to have that moment where the day ends and you notice that you've had a major lipstick smear the entire day.

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