1. I Like What You're Wearing (the magazine): I love a good magazine and am starting to find myself reading more and more online with the help of my new iPad Mini. Although I still pick up hard copies of magazines each month, I find it much more convenient {and cost-effective} to catch up on my favorite reads online. So, when I found out that one of my favorite fashion websites, I Like What You're Wearing launched a new magazine this month - I had to check it out. The magazine is short, but sweet and filled with stylish inspiration. Plus, they just so happen to have a feature on my old internship employer & fashionite, Amy Levin of College Fashionista. Read the first issue here

2. Oscar Nominations 2013: Unless you are living under a rock, you've probably heard that the Oscar nominations we're announced yesterday morning. I know, it's old news but I still thought I would share in my weekly round up. It's my tradition the morning of any award show announcements to get up early, enjoy a cup of hot tea and anxiously wait as each name is listed. Anyone else get excited about these things? See the full list of Oscar nominations here

3. Top Instagram Account to Follow: I'm kind of addicted to Instagram, but who isn't these days? However, I'm not good about finding new users to follow. If you're the same way as me, I thought I would share this stylish round-up of 20 Instagram accounts that everyone should follow. See the full story on Glitter Guide
p.s. Follow me at @kathryn_elise and I'll follow you back! 

4. Stylish Book Shelves: I'm finally starting to work on the decor of my master bedroom and home office. One thing that I've been on the hunt for is new shelving to add to each room. I just find it's the easiest and most stylish way to keep everything organized. I also know I want to combine my favorite fashion books, vases and other odds-and-ends for an eclectic feel. Of course, I've pulled tons of inspiration on how to pefectly style shelves from Pinterest and stumled across the perfect site with tips on making it seem cohesive. Find more home decor tips from House Stories A to Z.

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  1. Love this roundup! That new online magazine is really fun, so thanks for posting about it. Also, I'm a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista this semester, so it's great to hear that you once did that too!



    1. Thanks, Jacy! I loved writing for College Fashionista - and I'm sure you will too. It really was a great experience and will look good on your résumé.


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