This week went by surprising fast {the first of 2013!} Maybe it's because of the end of the holiday season and getting back into the swing of things? Perhaps it's also this extreme need I have built to start all of my resolutions list for the year. Am I the only one? But, as they say, 'Rome wasn't built in a day.' And it's true. I've decided to take it slow and enjoy these goals I've set for myself. One way to keep track of daily progress is with a new planner. Plus, it's just a more personal and organized way to stay on task. Here is a round up of a few stylish + budget-friendly styles to kickstart the year.


1. Net-a-Porter, Pocket Faux Leather Planner - $20
2. Etsy.com, Stripes Project Planner - $18
3. Graphic Image, Neon Planner - $80
4. Sarah Pinto, Stripes Weekly Planner - $20
5. Kate Spade - Leather Planner, $118
6. Sarah Pinto, Rugby Weekly Planner, $20 
7. Kate Spade - Sprial Planner, $38


Thank you for stopping by! xo ECS