This week, I was inspired by so many things it was honestly hard to compile my Friday Favorites. Perhaps it was because I had much more down time with the snowstorm keeping me locked inside, but I seemed to keep stumbling upon several inspirational stories and great finds. And I'm excited to share! As for this weekend, I really have no big plans. The Oscars are this Sunday and I'm realizing how few of the nominated films I've seen. Still, I plan to watch the red carpet in anticipation for the best gowns and beauty looks. With the weather still calling for more snow, I might just stay cuddled up on the couch in my favorite pajamas with my new puppy, a cup of chai tea and a few good magazines. 

1. The Everygirl turns 1! Did you hear? The Everygirl {or the best website for young women} just turned one. I followed the co-founders Danielle and Alaina before the launch and have always been so inspired by their passion and the work they do. So, when I saw that the duo shared their personal stories yesterday I couldn't wait to plop down with my computer and soak it all in. Let's just say, this was such a great read for me. Instead of filling you in on all the details, please just go read it for yourself here!

2. Blog: A Dirty word? Keeping with the theme, I had to share a post written by Leandra Medine a.k.a The Man Repeller. Long story short, Suzy Menkes was published in T Magazine discussing the "The Circus of Fashion" or the change in the fashion world due to the impact of social media, bloggers and the like. As a newbie to this community, I was a bit hurt to read this. It honestly made me want to give up. But then, I saw what Leandra wrote here

3. Advice 01: Last, but not least, if you don't already follow Sarah of Note to Self, you seriously must. Earlier this week, she posted her first series of a new advice column and I honestly took so much from it. The question? "How to brand your blog to stand out from the crowd." A very good question indeed! Check out her detailed response and tips here. Even if you aren't a blogger, I promise you'll take something away from it!

p.s. If you are stuck inside due to the weather, take it from me and check out a few of the online sales happening right now. I've already shopped the super sale happening on Piperlime {hello, coats from Pim + Larkin for $40!} Also, LOFT has $20 spring sweaters in colors that will having you dreaming of warmer weather, Old Navy {yes, I shop there!} has $20 jeans.

Have a great weekend! xo
*image via The Everygirl


  1. i wish i were still at home, but i went into work today... i hope next weeks weather is way better for NYFW!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. I work from home daily, so it wasn't all too exciting! But I was happy that Cerner had off so I could spend time with my guy! See you this weekend for KCFW?!

  2. I absolutely loved these articles! Such great, inspiring reads.



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