One of the most inspiring women of the blog industry was featured on The Coveteur  recently. And as you know, everyone who is everyone has been featured on the site {including Barbie, Cher Horowitz, Lauren Conrad, and the likes!} It's obvious why they would add Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere to the list. She is stunning. She has an impeccable taste for all things stylish - even in the kitchen, and has built an incredible brand for herself. What's not to love?
And after reading the feature and drooling over ever.single.picture. I came to a realization. Yes, she appears to have an amazing life. But, it's one that she has worked so hard to achieve. And my biggest takeaway? Always find what is missing in the world and create it. Nurture it. And it will grow. So, instead of running out and spending two {or four} months worth of paychecks on a new wardrobe similar to hers, I'm instead going to follow her entreprenurial spirit and find my own passion. I hope that get's me somewhere better than a pile of debt... and brings a whole lot more happiness.

{images via The Coveteur}


  1. i LOVE her blog and this is a great post w/ that takeaway!

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. I know! I think it was one of the first I started to read on a daily basis way back when...It's so good and such an inspiration!
      xo Kat

  2. kat:

    i started by blog more than three years ago and great things are happening for me — it takes so much hard work and dedication, but you are right to know that things dont happen overnight. as long as you continue to update, network and write about the things you truly love, you will see success. keep up the great work! we can all be our own version of miss emily :) xo


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