Remember when Coach used to be really cool?! I think everyone has their own story with the brand. I still have my stash of old Coach hand bags and clutches. It was an obsession for me, really. In highschool, I was smitten with the classic brown bags covered in the signature logo print. In college, it was all about the clutches. I had a variety in all shapes, shades and sizes for nights out - perfect to carry just your cell and a lip gloss. As my style progressed, I haven't turned to this trusty brand in a few years. In fact, I was almost worried our relationship was over for good. But, they have done it again

Enter The Legacy line. These gorgeous leather hand bags nod to the past with an updated version of their classic vintage styles. These are no traditional bags. Small details like perforated accents and tassels add a super fun touch. Plus, they come in a variety of bold + bright hues. How can you not love this neon yellow and navy combination?
coach legacy

Now, which one to choose? I'm leaning toward this classic camel 'Candace' style, but also love this color block and this watermelon pink version. I also love the smaller handbags and wristlets that can be taken on quick errands, dinner dates and thrown into larger bags for meetings. How perfectly fun is this Legacy Archival leather 'Kimball' clutch in bright citrine? Tell me, what do you think of the new line at Coach? Love it or leave it in the past? I love it.

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  1. I lusted over these a few weeks ago in Vegas. I almost walked out with the navy and neon tasseled handbag. Ob-sessed is an understatement for this Legacy collection!

  2. i've always loved coach, and like you started with the standard c's (which i still have but rarely carry). i got a beautiful cognac-colored legacy bag for my birthday (gift to myself) that i love. the shape is gorgeous and the leather is incredible. the little tassel makes it fresh. i love all your picks here, esp the ones with the perforations ... another way to make these classic bags very "now."

    1. I've seen your leather Coach and LOVE it. I haven't bought anything from the brand in years, but have my eye on a few and might have to bite the bullet!


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