Lately, my skin has been a complete mess. And since I'm tired of dealing with breakouts {so not fun} I've had to re-think my skin and beauty routine. I know part of it is the combination of stress, working way too many hours and using 5 million different products every week. I partly have my job to blame for all of this, as testing brands I work with happens on a daily basis. However, I know it's time to fix things, especially as I prep my skin for an upcoming wedding. Although I am no expert, I do have some easy tips that can help nail down a skincare routine. 

1. Book an appointment: I bit the bullet and scheduled a session with my esthetician for a facial. Not only was it the most relaxing 1+ hour of my week, I had the chance to share my skincare issue(s) with a specialist who knew the right treatments and products to recommend that is custom to my needs. Bonus: I felt completely refreshed afterward. 

2. Find what works & stick to it: My bathroom cabinet was literally filled with multiple facial washes, exfoliants, creams, serums, and anything else you can imagine -- all from different brands. It was just too much. And too much for my skin to handle. Since realizing this, I've carefully selected my favorite items from each category including a gentle cleanser, scrub, masque and toner. In the past few weeks, I already feel like my system is making a huge improvement on my skin. 

Note: I also use the Clarisonic Mia as part of my skincare routine. I've used it off-and-on, but recently committed to using on a regular basis. From my experience, using the Clarisonic regularly leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and firm. In the first 1-2 weeks, I also have experienced more breakouts than usual. This is what is known as the "purge" stage, but it pays off in the end. 

3. Refresh your makeup + brushes stash: Like my bathroom cabinet, my makeup collection was just as bad -- if not worse. I get several products to try at-home and had a cosmetic case filled with everything you could possibly think of. I decided to ditch my half-used, {eek!} expired products and upgrade my brushes. Having combination/oily skin, I knew I needed to make the switch from liquid foundations and creams to mineral makeup. I picked up the full line from Bare Minerals and already love using the light and natural products. Overall, find a brand that works with your skin type.

Here are my favorite products:

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